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Annotated Chronology


  • June 29,  Friday - First public notice:  Agenda for July 11-12, 2001 Board of Forestry meeting posted to Board website. Items 8 and 9 for July 12 session refer to "Clarification of Board Policy regarding State Forests" and "Resolution regarding Continued Operations ... Jackson State Forest.
  • July 2, Monday - Campaign first hears of Board of Forestry agenda items. 
  • July 3, Tuesday - Campaign learns that agenda items originated within CDF and that Deputy Director for Resources, Ross Johnson, is responsible for preparing documents on these items.  Nothing is publicly available, and Ross say that it will be Thursday at the earliest -- less than a week before the Board meeting.  Repeated calls throughout the week are futile.
  • July 3-7, Tuesday to Friday - Campaign contacts Mendocino County legislative representatives, Assemblyperson Virginia Strom-Martin and Senator Wes Chesbro, and asks them to request CDF to withdraw proposals and/or the Board to delay the hearing.
  • Repeated calls to CDF yield no written documentation.
  • July 9, Monday - Still no documentation available from CDF.
  • The Campaign sends a letter to CDF explaining why it should withdraw its requests.
  • The Campaign sends a letter to the Board of Forestry asking them to delay the hearing and/or reject the requests from CDF.
  • Virginia Strom Martin requests the Board of Forestry to delay the hearing and hold it closer to Mendocino


  • July 10, Tuesday -- Draft language for agenda items received via fax in afternoon - two days prior to scheduled meeting
  • Letter sent to Mary Nichols, Secretary of the Resources Agency (in which CDF resides) requesting her to withdraw proposed agenda items.
  • See following item for draft proposed changes
  • Letter to Mary Nichols (w/o enclosures -- see July 9 documents above)
  • July 11, Wednesday
  • The Campaign makes a detailed analysis and critique of the proposed policy change and resolution to allow continued logging under the 1983 Management Plan.  Copy faxed to the Board of Forestry for delivery to Board prior to July 12 meeting in San Bernadino
  • July 12, Thursday -- Board of Forestry meets, extensively revises proposed policy change and approves it.  Tables to a later date resolution to continue logging in Jackson State under the 1983 Management Plan.
  • On July 13, internal documents of CDF are obtained by a Public Records act request.  Several of these documents authoritatively refuted arguments of CDF and the Board of Forestry that  the 1983 Management Plan is still valid today.
  • On July 26, three internal CDF documents are distributed to the individual members of the Board of Forestry and the State Forest Advisory Committee, together with a covering synopsis and analysis of their relevance to efforts to resume logging under the 1983 Management Plan.