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Redwood Forest

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July 9, 2001
California Board of Forestry
1416 9th Street, Room 1506-14
P.O. BOX 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244-2460
Fax: (916) 653-0989

Re: Board of Forestry Agenda Items 7 & 8 on July 12.

Dear Board of Forestry:

I urge the Board to delay consideration of the above referenced items until the August meeting. Although these items appeared in the agenda for July meeting posted on the Board’s website on June 29, 2001, no written information explaining the content or meaning of these items was available as of noon on July 9. This constitutes less than 3 days of public notice and does not meet the minimum statutory requirements for such notice. Any decisions made by the Board on these items will therefore be invalid.

I have asked the California Department of Forestry (CDF), which requested these items, to withdraw them (see enclosed letter). If CDF does not and the Board does take them up, I urge it to reject both them. There are legal and ethical reasons to reject them.

I advise the Board that a change in policies doing away with the requirement of a current management plan would require public and agency comment and environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act.

The effect of the actions requested in these agenda items would be to circumvent a court order issued to protect the natural resources, including wildlife and wildlife habitat, of Jackson State Forest. The court found that further logging in Jackson State under the existing management plan would be likely to cause substantial and possibly irreparable environmental harm. The requested actions would allow continued logging under the existing management plan.

If the Board agrees to the requested actions, it will be sanctioning "substantial and possibly irreparable harm" to the environment. In so doing, it will demonstrate contempt for the court and the environmental laws of the state.

I pray that you will reject this ill-considered attempt by the California Department of Forestry to circumvent the court decision and ignore its own public trust obligations.




Vince Taylor

Executive Director

Encl.: Letter from Vince Taylor to Andrea Tuttle, July 9, 2001

CC: Virginia Strom-Martin, Wes Chesbro, Paul Carroll