Letter from the Jackson Citizens Advisory Committee to the Board of Forestry
Date: February 5, 2003

To: California Board of Forestry

From: JDSF Citizensí Advisory Committee

Subject: Public input on the management of JDSF

Honorable Board of Forestry,

We, the undersigned members of the public, have organized ourselves as the JDSF Citizensí Advisory Committee in order to provide community input to the Board, and to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF), regarding management of the Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF).

A publicly open organizing meeting was held on January 16, at 7:00 PM, in the Caspar Community Center, Caspar California. This meeting was publicized in the local media, and was attended by many of the individuals and organizations that participated in the review process for the JDSF management plan and associated EIR. Also attending were neighbors of JDSF, local business people, other residents of Mendocino county, employees of state parks and CDF, and members of the California Native Plant Society, Audubon, Sierra Club, and the Campaign to Restore Jackson State Forest.

It was agreed by all present that we submit this letter to the Board, respectfully asking that the Board recognize this group as a community participant in the public involvement process that the Board has asked CDF to implement.

The Board should note, to date, CDF has not contacted any of the individuals or organizations who participated in the review of the JDSF management plan and EIR to participate in the public involvement process for JDSF.


JDSF Citizensí Advisory Committee:

Judith Bayer
Alec Bever
Mary Bever
Mark Bowery
David & Barbara Brown
Katie Brun
Margaret Calby
Wallace Conroe
Joan Curry
Mike Dell'Ara
Norm DeVall
Sephe Fox
Patricia & David Gillett
Patt Glinski
Kay Graves
Richard Green
Gladys Hansen
Julie Harris
Bill Heil
Lori Hubbart
Rita Jesulaitis
Greg Jirak
Marty Johnson
SR Kelley
Linda Leahy
Bill Maslach
Linda Perkin
Nicholas Petti
Sebastian Roberts
Kathryn & Monroe Schubeck/Robinson
Tanya Smart
Judy Tarbell
Alis Valencia
Warren & Ginny Wade
Peter Warner
Michele White
Skip Wollenberg