Mendocino Working Group

The Mendocino Working Group came together in August 2007. It consisted of four senior people from the timber industry - Mike Anderson of Anderson Logging, Bruce Burton of Willits Redwood Mill, Art Harwood of Harwood Products, Mike Jani of Mendocino Redwood Company - Kathy Bailey of the Sierra Club, and Vince Taylor of the Campaign to Restore Jackson State Redwood Forest.

The group was formed in response to an offer to the Campaign from the Director of CDF, Ruben Grijalva, to cooperate in trying to reach a consensus on a new management plan for Jackson State Forest. The group's goal was to reach such a consensus among themselves. Through concerted effort and the help of a skilled facilitator, Steve Zuieback, the group did reach consensus and published its report in November 2006.

The report and a series of follow-on letters were the basis for the development of a new "Alternative G" for the Jackson Forest management plan that incorporated the central recommendations of the working group. Key among these recommendations was a 3-year interim period of restricted harvesting during which an advisory committee would develop a long-term landscape plan for the forest and recommend changes in the management plan to implement its plan.