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Library of Management Plan and EIR Documents

Photo by Garth Hagerman


Current Publications

valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Gary E. Garrett, The Destruction Of the Indian in Mendocino County 1856 1860, Sacramento State College Master's Thesis, 1962.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Native American Genocide and Old Growth Annihilation, Vince Taylor
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Theft of the Woodlands
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)
Vince Taylor, 2021-08-30 Letter to CNR on 30x30 initiative
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Vince Taylor, 2021-12-03 Letter to Board of Forestry
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Vince Taylor, 2022-02-16 JDSF-A tale of self-serving fictions, lies and more

valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Vince Taylor, 2021-12-30 Carbon Values of Doug Fir in JDSF v3
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Vince Taylor, 2022-04-01The Financial Benefits of Making Jackson Demonstration State Forest into a Preserve - with charts and tables

valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Vince Taylor, JDSF Flyer 1 Rebuttal
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Vince Taylor, JDSF Flyer 2 Rebuttal

Historical Publications

valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Library of Documents related to 2005 and 2007 Management Plans and EIRs
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Documents Related to Alternative G and the Working Group Recommendations
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Report and Letters of the Mendocino Working Group
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Comments on 2007 Supplemental EIR - Alternative G
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Comments on the 2006 Jackson State Forest EIR

valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)General Publications: Mission statement, articles and editorials, internal CDF documents, Campaign brochure, and miscellaneous.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)JDSF Documents: 2008 JDSF Management Plan and Final EIR, etc.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Editorials: Comments and Analysis by Vince Taylor
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Managing Jackson State Forest for Multiple Public Values (PDF), Vince Taylor, May 2004. A practical vision for our public redwood forest.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Press Coverage
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes) Slide show  - Broadening the Vision for Jackson State Forest -- a Power Point slide show on the Forest, its potentials, and the failings of the Draft Management Plan.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Comments on the 2002 Jackson State Forest EIR and Management Plan.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Campaign Updates:
Updates of news and upcoming events related to Jackson State Forest