Library of Management Plan and EIR Documents
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Appeal Settlement - July, 2004

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    Library of Documents Related to 2005 and 2007 Management Plans and EIRs

    • 2002 Draft JDSF Management Plan pdf (Never finalized; stopped by Campaign Legal Action).

    • 2005 Draft JDSF Management Plan -- I have not found this in my files. The 2005 EIR relates to this management plan and so is important. I believe, in its basics, it doesn't differ greatly from the 2002 Draft MP. I will attempt to obtain this if no one has a copy.

    • 2005 Draft EIR - zipped pdf. The unzipped file has subfolders as it was distributed. It could make sense to combine at least all of the files that constitute the body of the EIR. You can do this with Adobe Acrobat.

    • 2007-02-21 Letter to the Board of Forestry from the Mendocino Working Group, the precursor to the Jackson Advisory Group JAG). I brought this group together to begin a process that led to the formation of the JAG and laid out guidelines for a resumption of timber harvesting on JDSF. The work of the MWG led to the action by the BOF indicated in the following document.

    • 2007-10-07 Board of Forestry Motion (pdf) to establish Jackson Advisory Group, to require JDSF to cooperate with the JAG in reaching decisions on stand structures for future unspecified research (most of their harvests), and that Alternative G be modified to reduce allowable harvests to 20-25 MMBF per year (as recommended by the MWG).

    • 2007 Recirculated Draft EIR Alternative G pdf. This is an essential complement to the 2005 Draft EIR. It was a result of the recommendations of the Mendocino Working Group. This was converted from a Word document, and unfortunately the column headings on the tables do not match up with the columns, making what was difficult to follow even more difficult.

    • 2007-08 JDSF Mangement Plan pdf. The plan was issued in Draft form in 2007 and the final version was issued in January of 2008. Note that this "plan" is almost all boiler plate. There is almost no discussion of the relation of the proposed timber harvest plans (p. 78) to supposed management goals for the forest. The sections on silvicultural methods and the short-term harvest schedule do show the dramatic impact that the Campaign to Restore Jackson State Forest had on CDF management and planning. Compare the 2005 Draft MP to the 2002 Draft MP.

    • 2008 JDSF Option A pdf. This document satisfies the state requirement that timberland owners demonstrate maximum sustainable production (MSP) of high-quality timber products. It contains much of the text in the MP. Also, contains detailed 100 yr projections of vegetation types, harvests, and inventories. This was updated from the 2007 Draft MP to reflect recommendations of the MWG.

    • 2007Final EIR for JDSF Management Plan pdf. Actually published January 2008. This contains only responses to comments made on the 2005 DFEIR and the 2007 Recirculated Draft EIR.

    • 2004 Settlement Agreement

    • 2008 Settlement Agreement.pdf

    • 2016 JDSF Management Plan.pdf

    • 2014 JDSF Option A.pdf  The last signed Option A