Jackson Demonstration State Forest
a Tale of Self-Serving Fictions, Ecological Destruction, Lies, Lawbreaking, Broken Public Trust, Greed, Gross Mis-Management, and Contempt for the Public

Footnotes, Endnotes, and Reference Links


[1] The California Department of Forestry (CDF) is the forestry division of the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, commonly called Cal Fire. Forestry is a small part of Cal Fire. I use CDF, except when referring to the Director of Cal Fire, to emphasize that only Forestry and not Fire Protection is involved with management of JDSF.

[2] Although JDSF cited the 1996 figure as an inventory "measurement," it was a computer-model projection of the 1989 inventory. In 1999, they reduced the inventory estimate almost back to the 1989 number.

[3] Judge Henderson's decision summary should be required reading for everyone concerned about Jackson State Forest. He castigates CDF for its failure to follow the "clear legislative directives" for preparing an EIR. He properly blames CDF for the losses suffered by the local timber industry and the management of Jackson State Forest.

[4]  Vince Taylor, 2011-09-05 Resignation Taylor to BOF.pdf  The summary of events following draws heavily upon my resignation letter to the Board of Forestry. The letter contains more details.

[5] Art Harwood of Harwood Mills, Mike Jani of Mendocino Redwoods, Bruce Burton of Willits Redwood, and Mike Anderson of Anderson Logging.

[6] JAG members: Anderson, Mike, CEO Anderson Logging, Licensed Timber Operator; Bailey, Kathy, Sierra Club; Braudrick, Peter, Recreation/Community; Gill, Linwood, Registered Professional Forester; Helms, John, UC Berkeley, ESPM; Jani, Mike, CEO Mendocino Redwood Co.; Liquori, Mike, Sound Watershed Consulting; Melo, Jere, Former Head of Georgia Pacific Fort Bragg Mill, Registered Professional Forester; Perkins, Linda, Conservation/Community; Porter, Daniel, Save the Redwoods League; Taylor, Vince, Campaign to Restore Jackson Redwood Forest; Tilley, Forest, Former JDSF staff, Registered Professional Forester; Valentine, Brad, Department of Fish and Game.


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