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Campaign Letter

Oppose Board of Forestry Approval of Management Plan

[Note: Links to expired Alert actions are no longer active.]

Immediate Action Needed

On Wednesday, November 6, 2002 the Board of Forestry will vote on approval of the CDF management plan for Jackson State Forest. Send a letter to the BOF urging deferral of approval.

CDF completely ignored the 4800 people who wrote to oppose its plan for large-scale commercial logging of the publicís redwood forest. Less than 50 people wrote in support of the plan. Yet, the plan that CDF is asking the Board of Forestry to approve will clearcut half the forest, log tens of thousands of redwoods every year, and assign the highest priority to logging the remaining 10,000 acres of forest that has been recovering for 100 years. We canít let this contempt for the public go unchallenged!

The Campaign has written a letter to the Board detailing the many reasons to defer approval.

How You Can Help

  • Send a Letter:  Take a moment now to send a letter to the Board of Forestry urging them to defer approval of the management plan for Jackson State Forest. It's easy and quick. We've prepared a letter that you can edit or send as is with just a few keystrokes.
  • Attend the Board Meeting: There are strong reasons other than CDFís contempt for the public for the Board to defer approval. The Campaign has detailed these in a letter to the Board.  Campaign members will be at the Board meeting to explain these reasons in person. A strong public showing at the Board will place additional pressure on the Board to act responsibly. Please attend if you can reasonably do so:

    Wednesday, November 6, 2002 at 8:00 AM
    State Office Building No. 9, Auditorium
    744 P Street
    Sacramento, CA

Earlier News and Actions

In a typical effort to exclude public input, CDF certified the final EIR on September 26, 2002 and issued its final management plan on September 30.  Only 3 working days later (on October 3), the plan was brought before the Board of Forestry for its required approval. The meeting was held in Lake Tahoe, five hours from Mendocino County where the forest is located.

Quick work by the Campaign alerted members, who flooded the Board with emails opposing such precipitous action.  This public outpouring, together with the reluctance to two new Board members to vote on a plan that they had not had a chance to review, caused the board to defer action until the meeting on November 6. In approving the delay, the Board reached a "mutual understanding" that public comment in the November meeting would be restricted to narrow comments on final amendments to the plan.

Indicative of the willingness of the Board of Forestry to rubber stamp whatever CDF presents it, without providing the deliberation and independent judgment mandated by law, the Board was ready to proceed on October 3 even though the Board was given twenty pages of amendments to the final plan the afternoon of October 2. The public did not see the version given to Board until the day of the meeting..