Hare Creek
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2008-2009 Hare Creek THP

The proposed Hare Creek Timber Harvest Plan (THP) is located at the east end of Simpson Lane, south of Fort Bragg.
  • A collection of THP summary, maps, photos, and graphs of stocking in the THP area pre-harvest and theoretical projections of the post-harvest stocking.
  • Cost Analysis of Alternative Harvesting Prescriptions. Controversy arose during a review by the JAG of the Hare Creek THP. Some Jackson staff and JAG members felt that there was a significant penalty to profitability from the requirement in the initial period harvesting guidelines not to reduce the average diameter or remaining trees. Because there were many small trees in the stand, this guideline required many small trees to be harvested for every large one cut, and the small trees would be expensive to harvest. Some felt it would be desirable, given the poor market conditions, to change the THP to eliminate cutting of marked trees under 18" in diameter (DBH).

    To provide better information, Mike Anderson, JAG member and timber operator, offered to prepare an analysis of the cost savings from modifying the THP to exclude cutting of marked trees under 18" DBH. The analysis showed almost no difference in net revenue.
  • Because Hare Creek is used by the public for recreation, including hiking, biking, and horseback riding, a public meeting and tour was held to obtain public input on protecting recreation resources in the area.

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