Brandon Gulch and Camp 3 THPs
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Brandon Gulch and Camp 3 THPs

Brandon Gulch and Camp 3 were THPs originally approved in 2000 and halted from operation by a lawsuit brought by the Campaign to Restore Jackson State Forest (see historical summaries, photos, and maps of these THPs).

After a new management plan for Jackson Forest was approved in 2008, a negotiated settlement among all of the parties involved in the contracts for the THPs and the previous lawsuit reached an agreement on modifying these two legacy THPs. The agreement set aside a portion of Camp 3 to be an unharvested as a preserve (or experimental control). The remaining areas in both THPs were to be managed to accelerate development of "late seral" (old growth) characteristics. The Jackson Advisory Group was given the task of developing guidelines for implementing late seral development in these THPs.