Governor Schwarzenegger's Veto Message for SB 1648
September 16, 2004

To the Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning SB 1648 without my signature. The citizens of the State of California are blessed with a bounty of natural and environmental resources including federal, state, and local parks, wildlife refuges, and recreation areas, existing from the coastline to the desert, the Sierra’s to the sea. The state of California owns and cooperatively manages many natural and environmental assets with varying missions, purposes, and goals for the benefit and enjoyment of all Californians.

The Jackson State Demonstration Forest was acquired nearly 60 years ago to serve as a research, education, and demonstration facility for sustainable forestry management practices. Along with the forestry mission, it also provides a landscape for environmental and biological research and recreation. Since 1947, the Jackson State Demonstration Forest has been managed by the Department of Forestry under four different management plans approved by the Board of Forestry with each new plan reflecting the development of new progressive management concepts and new resource protections. The forest also provides considerable revenues that benefit all Californians by funding the Urban Forestry Program, State Nurseries, California Forest Improvement Program, Forest Pest Management, and Watershed Assessment.

This bill makes specific declarations and findings regarding state owned and managed forests, redefines several forestry terms, creates two advisory councils, and alters the mission. While I am generally very supportive of increasing citizens participation in government, this bill has created an advisory council with many concerns including the composition, appointment authority, and lack of professional expertise essential for proper function of a committee with the extensive authority created in this measure.

Additionally, this bill would redefine terms that are supported by years of professional practice and legal rancor. Finally, the state has many assets held in public trust with differing missions and purposes. Multiple-use of assets is always preferred where the mission and purpose are not compromised. The Department of Forestry and Board of Forestry have continually strived to make progress towards diversifying the opportunities for multiple-use of the state demonstration forests including increased recreation, research, and environmental protection. Some of the provisions in this bill may compromise the mission and purpose of these properties reducing the overall value of the assets for all Californians.

For these reasons I am unable to support this measure.


Arnold Schwarzenegger