Draft Legislation on Jackson State Forest


January 10, 2003

   An act to amend Sections 4631, 4631.5, 4637, 4638, 4639, 4647,
4651, and 4653, of the Public Resources Code, relating to forest resources 
and add new Article 5 in Chapter 9 beginning with Section 4665 of the 
Public Resources Code.

   Vote:  majority.  Appropriation:  no.  Fiscal committee:  yes.
State-mandated local program:  no.


  SECTION 1.  Section 4631 of the Public Resources Code is amended to
   4631.  It is hereby declared  to be in the interest of the
welfare of the people of this state and their industries and other
activities involving the use of wood, lumber, poles, piling, and
other forest products,  that the forest lands of the state are important 
for demonstrations regarding the sustainable production of timber and 
other forest products; demonstrations regarding the maintenance and 
re-establishment of late seral forests, including mature and old 
growth forests; protection of water quality, fish, wildlife, and 
biological diversity; public education, recreation, and aesthetic 
enjoyment; and community economic and social benefits.  To provide 
a balance among these public values, the acquisition and management 
of desirable cutover forest lands, including those having young and 
old timber growth,  be made fully productive and that the holding and 
reforestation of such lands is a necessary measure  predicated on 
waning supplies of original old growth timber . It is further declared 
to be the policy of the state to acquire by purchase, exchange, lease, 
or grant all of the following:
   (a)  Such cutover   Cutover lands, the reforestation of which is not 
assured under private ownership, to reforest such lands during periods of 
unemployment and at other times.
   (b) Liquidating forest lands  primarily  suitable for timber production 
which may be acquired under precutting agreements  the purposes set forth 
in this section.
   (c) Demonstration forests  of 2,000 acres or less  adapted to  furnish   
meet  local needs  of   for  investigation, demonstration, and education in 
those timber counties where the ownership pattern is such that management of 
small areas is an important problem.
   (d)  One   At least one  area  , not to exceed approximately 40,000 acres,  
in each of the following forest districts, Coast  Range Pine and Fir
District, North Sierra Pine District and the South Sierra Pine

District, District, Southern Sub-District of the Coast District, Northern District, and Southern District, for the purpose of demonstration of economical forest management as defined. These areas shall not include virgin timber except that which is incidental to areas previously harvested.