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Court of Appeal of the State of California

First Appellate District

Division Two

Campaign to Restore Jackson State Redwood Forest, et al., Petitioners


The Superior Court of Mendocino County, Respondent;

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, et al., Real Parties in Interest

Case A102911

(Mendocino County Supr. Ct. No. 0289022)


By application filed July 14, 2003, real party in interest California Division of Forestry (CDF) has moved this Court to (1) expedite the August 20, 2003, hearing set by this Court’s July 9, 2003, order to show cause, (2) dissolve it June 17, 2003, stay order or, alternatively (3) modify that stay order to permit limited logging at the affected sites.

Having considered this application and CDF’s supporting papers, along with petitioners’ July 16, 2003, opposition thereto, this Court hereby denies the application to expedite the August 20 hearing and the request to dissolve its stay order. However, and good cause appearing therefor from CDF’s supporting papers, the court hereby modifies its stay order as follows: CDF may grant the other real parties in interest (1) access to those parts of Jackson State Redwood Forest (the Forest) containing timber which is already felled (whether by earlier logging or natural causes) and (2) permission to cut and remove that timber. However, no additional timber-cutting in the Forest shall be permitted by CDF without the express approval of the superior court, which shall only be granted on a showing by CDF and/or the other real parties in interest that such is both (a) relatively minimal and (b) necessary to reach already-felled timber.

Dated: July 17, 2003 Haerle, J. Acting P.I.