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The Jackson Demonstration State Forest Advisory Group, known affectionately as the JAG, was authorized by the management plan for Jackson Forest approved in January, 2008. Charter.

The advisory group will play a key role in defining the future of Jackson Forest. It has up to three years to consider how best to manage the forest in the public interest and to recommend changes to the management plan to the Director of Cal Fire and the Board of Forestry.

Members were appointed by the Director and confirmed by the Board. The JAG currently has 13 members (out of 14 authorized). Members represent a broad cross section of  interests in Jackson Forest.  Members were drawn from the timber and logging industry, environmental and conservation organizations, scientific and research fields, and recreation representatives. All members are to represent the public, not the interests with which they may be affiliated. Members.

All meetings will be open to the public, and the advisory group will organize subcommittees that will include non-group members with relevant interest and expertise. Calendar and Agenda.

John Helms Appointed JAG Chair

April 29, 2008. Cal Fire Director Ruben Grijalva announced the appointment of John Helms to the Chair of the Jackson Advisory Group (JAG). Director Grijalva noted, "Dr. Helms is a Professor Emeritus of silviculture from the University of California, Berkeley. He has had a long and distinguished career of research, teaching, and professional service in his field. For example, he recently completed a term as President of the Society of American Foresters."