R&D Priorities
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UPDATE on Recommended Framework for Research, Monitoring & Demonstration Needs for Landscape Allocation -- Mike Liquori



What is the Purpose for Landscape Allocation?

We define Landscape Allocation as the process for setting apart portions of the landscape for a particular purpose.  Thus, the Research Committee is working under the assumption that the purpose for Landscape Allocation is to:

        Support the 3 Mission-Oriented Research Priorities for JDSF, including:

o   Sustainable Production Forestry (including Natural Forestry)

o   Watershed Science, Restoration & Aquatic Habitat Recovery

o   Redwood Ecosystem Ecology & Dynamics

        Provide substantial areas for the development & maintenance of older forest structures that will broaden the distribution of forest structures both within JDSF and across the region

        To provide an opportunity (venue) for sustaining viable research[1], demonstration & monitoring activities that promote the goals of the management plan.  These goals include:

o   Ecosystem Restoration

o   A Sustained Yield Of Timber Products

o   Recreation Opportunities

[1] NOTE:  level of research planning may not need to be extensive, since CALFIRE is not a research organization.