Landcape Committee Recommendation
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Landscape Committee Draft Recommendation

Goal: To manage the forestland at JDSF that is not included in Special Concern Areas, research and demonstration projects, or otherwise designated for a special status to develop a stand component of large, old trees that will be used for harvesting valuable timber and maintaining habitat as well as to provide a landscape that the community can feel good about.


  • Allow and encourage research and demonstration projects throughout the forest, including in areas managed for this goal

  • Manage for stand components of larger diameter trees that are continuing to gain significant volume given site capacity

  • Favor redwood where appropriate

  • Grow a component of trees in each stand toward the maximum size that can feasibly

  • be harvested using the most modern logging equipment and milling capacity as these evolve

  • Designate an average of two dominant trees per acre across the landscape to be permanently retained to develop old growth characteristics

  • Use a variety of silvicultural techniques and document stand responses to treatment

  • Maintain or increase timber harvest revenue over time, assuming reasonably normal economic conditions

  • Recognize and plan for aesthetic values