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Hiking, Biking, Riding, and Camping in Jackson Forest

Click here for information on recreation opportunities in Jackson Forest.

The Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee (technically a subcommittee of the JAG) is charged with working with the community to develop plans for expanding recreation in Jackson State Forest. The Committee will also assist Jackson Forest management to develop a recreation user group to help with development and maintenance of recreation services.


JAG Members

Vince Taylor
Peter Braudrick
Forest Tilley
Community Members

The Recreation Committee is working with representative of all recreation interests. At the initial meeting of the Committee 30 community members attended and worked together. Five working groups were established, and more may be formed as different concerns and needs emerge.


The new management plan for Jackson Forest mandates that recreation users be surveyed and a recreation plan be developed.

The charter of the JAG specifies that it shall provide input on:

The process of conducting a recreation users survey, establishing a recreation user group, and developing a new recreation plan for the Forest. This plan would indicate the desired extent and location of recreation areas, corridors, roads, trails, and facilities that will be managed to enhance the full spectrum of appropriate recreational opportunities given JDSF’s management goals.