Equestrian Group Report

By Forrest Tancer


Meeting of the Recreation Committee of the Jackson Advisory Group, June 28, 2008.

Participants: Forrest Tancer, Stacey Bradley, and Lorraine Duff,


  1.  Designate and develop multi-use trailheads including Camp 1, Schoolhouse, Road 450.

    A.     improve parking access

    B.     possible manure boxes

    C.    toilet facilities

    D.    signage designating small and large loops from trailheads

  2.  Develop horse water on designated trails

  3.  Develop network of volunteers to maintain designated trails

  4.  Expand and modernize existing horse camps to accommodate larger trailers etc.

  5. Designate some existing camping areas at Camp 1 to allow for horses

  6.  Create new map of JDSF that identifies hiking, biking, ATV, Equestrian trails and shooting areas.

  7. Promote JDSF as a horseback riding destination in Mendocino County