Recreation Committee Meeting - June 2008

Hikers in Brandon Gulch
Jackson Forest

On June 28, 2008, the Recreation Committee of the Jackson Advisory Group (JAG) had its first meeting. In addition to Committee members Peter Braudrick and Vince Taylor, about 30 avid recreationists attended.

A brief introduction stressed that both the new management plan and the charter of the JAG mandate the development of expanded recreation opportunities in Jackson Forest. Now is the time for the community to make known its desires and to help design the recreation plan for the forest. The JAG has through 2010 to develop its recommendations for changes to the management plan. A recreation plan can be a part of the JAGís recommendations. Unlike the past, Cal Fire is receptive to public input, and there will be funding to support recreation.

Five different recreation interests were represented, with many people supporting multiple interests: Hiking, Off Road Vehicles (OHV), Bicycling, Equestrian, and Shooting. It was wonderful to see the respect, empathy, and mutual support expressed by almost everyone in the room. Everyone was excited by the obvious opportunity to see more and better recreation in Jackson Forest.

The meeting broke into sub-groups to come up with points, goals, and priorities. Then each group presented its findings to the meeting as a whole, receiving comments and questions. There were common points among the groups. Almost everyone wanted an inventory and good maps of the present trails. There was a strong desire to expand the trail system. Also, the different groups wanted to be able to find ways to let each group have its favorite recreation without harming othersí pleasure in the forest.

The feeling that pervaded the meeting can be summarized in a few words: Respect, Enthusiasm, Anticipation.

Each group wrote up a report of the points coming out of its discussion. These are published here. Also, and importantly, they are published as separate posts on the new Jackson Forum Blog. At the Forum, you can easily add your ideas, suggestions, and questions to the area of recreation that interests you the most:.

Please take the time to visit Jackson Forum and add your ideas and thoughts to the appropriate place. If you have an interest not represented in the reports, please add your thoughts in a comment to the posts. Contact me if you want to make your own post.

The meeting was a great beginning. The next step will be a presentation of the results of this meeting to the Jackson Advisory Group at approximately 9:30 a.m., Saturday, July 12, 2008. Agenda . Participants will summarize their points and answer questions. You can comment, too.

Letís make Jackson Forest into the recreation paradise that it should be!