Recreation Committee Minutes, July 26, 2008

Location: Senior Center, Fort Bragg

Attendees: Joyce Blok, Chris Clutton, Larry Costa, Meg Courtney, Neil Davis, Ray Duff, Marianne Gersing, Ron Lear, Annie LeBus, Cynthia LeDoux-Bloom, Ed Parrott, Craig Pedersen (JDSF),  Lari Shea, Peter Braudrick (JAG), Forest Tilley (JAG), Vince Taylor (JAG).

Priorities listed by the group

  • New JDSF Map online and printed (Immediate priority)
  • Vegetation control on trails
  • Signage for Trails, in stages
  • Identify trailhead facilities
  • Defining trail categories, trailheads, etc., standards
  • Identify staging areas
  • Identify maintenance problems
  • Inform campers/day users of recreation users group
  • Identify site for shooting
  • Identify OHV issues
  • Investigate road access and gates

Trail Inventory

The group decided that the first group action to undertake was to develop and inventory of commonly used existing trails and routes within Jackson Forest. The first step to take is to collect information from users on trails and routes and to put them onto a map. Volunteers for this task are: Cynthia LeDoux-Bloom, Lari Shea, Chris Clutton, and Marrianne Gersing. Vince agreed to look into getting one of the new maps of the Jackson to use for this task.

The trail map group and set up a schedule for completing the map, before the end of August. [This schedule was met!]

Next Meeting

There was discussion about when and where the next meeting should be. It was decided to have the next meeting at the JDSF Learning Center near Camp 20. This is a central location that will, hopefully, encourage people from Willits and the Ukiah Valley to attend. The meeting will be from 3-5:00 pm on Friday, September 19.