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Final EIR
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New Management Plan  and EIR

November 6, 2002. The Board of Forestry approved the Management Plan, but with conditions that amounted to a stinging rebuke of CDF. Details.

 October 24, 2002. The Campaign and Forests Forever filed a legal challenge against the EIR for Jackson State.

September, 2002. CDF approved the EIR and adopted a final management plan. Details.

Comments on the EIR

Earlier Developments and Campaign Actions

On June17, 2002, the California Department of Forestry (CDF) released a Draft Management Plan and accompanying Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Jackson State Forest. Comments were accepted until July 19, 2002.

The issuance of the draft EIR and Management Plan were a direct result of the lawsuit filed by the Campaign in 2000, eight years after the previous management plan expired. The lawsuit halted all new logging in the forest, forcing CDF to finally issue the new plan and EIR.

Despite CDF's efforts to restrict comment (by prohibiting emails and faxes, charging $75 for a copy of the EIR, and refusing to place free copies in the San Francisco area), 4800 people wrote comments opposing CDF's plans to clearcut one-half of the forest, cut the oldest unentered second-growth stands, provide minimal stream protection, authorize use of  herbicides, and  defer development of a plan for recreation.

In addition to general public comment, many experts submitted comments documenting serious errors and omissions in the EIR and Management Plan. If you have time to review a few of these comments, you will understand why it is so important to prevent CDF from implementing its proposed management plan.

The next step is for CDF to respond to all of the comments received. These responses will be contained in a proposed final EIR. If significant changes are made in the Plan or EIR, it must by law be circulated for an additional comment period. If CDF does not consider any changes significant, it can certify the EIR and request the Board of Forestry to approve its management plan.

The EIR can be legally challenged within 30 days after it is certified. The Campaign to Restore Jackson State Redwood Forest will carefully review the final EIR to determine if it meets the legal requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA, pronounced "SEE KWA").

Although the comment period is now closed, you may want to know more about the EIR and management plan, the commenting process, and what is at stake. You can review our information on the EIR,  Management Plan, and the comment process. Recognize  that the comment period is closed.

Eighty-five state legislators received copies of their constituents comments opposing the large-scale logging of California's largest State Forest. The Campaign and its coalition partner, Forest's Forever will continue efforts to educate the state legislature and and administration about the benefits of restoring the forest for habitat, recreation, education, and research.