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When,  How, and Where  to Comment on the EIR

Comment Deadline

Comments must be received by CDF by Friday, July 19, 2002. 

If you use the Jackson Forest Action Center to comment online, you need to send your comment by July 16 to give us sufficient time to print and mail your comment to CDF (see below).

Email and Fax Not Acceptable

CDF has said that it will not accept comments by email or fax. It's legal notice contains only a PO Box, not a physical address that could be used for FedEx or UPS. Whether or not this denial is legal won't be known until after the close of comments; thus to ensure acceptance of your comments send them via the US Postal Service (Express Mail is acceptable), or alternatively:

Comment via the Jackson Forest Action Center

At the Action Center website,  you will be able to edit a prepared comment and send it via e-mail to CDF, state  legislators and the governor. We will print out your Action Center letter and deliver it to CDF, thus meeting its requirement that comments be received in physical form.  You need to comment no later than July 16.

The Jackson Forest Action Center is the easiest, quickest and most effective way to comment. The state legislators for your district and for Mendocino County and the governor, as well as CDF, will receive copies of your comments. Go to the Jackson Forest Action Center.

Comment via mail

Mail comments to:

Chris Rowney, Deputy Chief for State Forests
PO Box 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244

Comments must be received by CDF by 5:00 PM, Friday, July 19.  If in doubt, use US Postal Service Express Mail (1 or 2 day delivery). 

Please mail or e-mail copies of your comments to the governor of California and your local state representative and senator. If you live in Patti Campbell's Supervisory district, please send her a copy, too. Remember that Email will not be (and faxes may not be)  accepted by CDF for comments on the EIR. 
California and Mendocino government addresses