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The Campaign to Restore Jackson State Redwood Forest

The Campaign to Restore Jackson State Redwood Forest was started by Mendocino County residents determined to halt the large-scale commercial logging that is destroying this public treasure.  Our goal is to see that  50,000-acre Jackson State Forest is restored to an old-growth redwood forest for recreation, habitat, and education.

Jackson State Forest is located in Mendocino County, where there are not any other large public holdings of redwood forest.  It is within three hours drive of San Francisco. (Map)

The 50,000 acres of Jackson Forest is an island of public land in the midst of half a million acres of industrially owned, devastated timberland. Jackson State Forest provides the only possible large sanctuary in Mendocino County for salmon and other endangered redwood-related species. It could also be a recreation haven for the millions of people who live in the Bay Area and Central Valley.

The position of the Campaign is that the state ought to be restoring Jackson State Forest to old growth for its precious ecological and recreational, educational and research values, not logging it like another big industrial company.

The Campaign is not against all cutting of trees. The Campaign is against is timber production as an end in itself.  Our position is set forth in the Campaign's Bill of Rights for Jackson State Forest, which states in part:

  • All timber operations should be demonstrably consistent with the goals of restoring the forest to old growth, enhancing recreation opportunities, or protecting wildlife and botanical habitat. Appropriate selective logging in areas of the forest that have been clearcut and re-grown densely could well contribute to restoration.

  • All timber harvest plans and operations shall demonstrate the highest attainable sensitivity to aesthetic and ecological values.

It makes no public, economic or environmental sense to use Jackson State Forest as an extension of the timber industry in Mendocino County. It comprises less than 5% of the timberland of the county. There is no shortage of timberland in Mendocino or other redwood counties. There is a grave shortage of mature redwood forests.

The Case for Restoration

The recreation, habitat, and education values of a mature redwood forest have  increased enormously since Jackson State Forest was acquired in 1947 to demonstrate that second-growth redwood could be logged profitably.  California's populations has tripled, while open spaces have been consumed by suburban sprawl and forests have been destroyed by logging.  People, plants, animals, birds, and fish would all benefit enormously from a restored Jackson State Redwood Forest.

The Case for Restoring Jackson State Forest (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) explains in detail why changing the mission of Jackson State Forest from logging to restoration would best enhance the public benefit -- as a publicly owned forest should.

The Campaign's Lawsuit

Read about the lawsuit that halted the illegal logging of Jackson State Forest under management by the California Department of Forestry (CDF).  Also, read about how CDF and the Board of Forestry tried to circumvent the court decision -- driven by desire for the profits from logging our public forest!

Learn more about the Campaign and Jackson State Forest:

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Help Jackson Forest and the Campaign

If you care about redwoods, salmon, recreation, education, or your children find out how you can help Jackson Forest and the Campaign. 

Contact the Campaign

Private Contacts: You can send information to the Campaign in complete privacy.

Contact public officials. Write public officials about your views on the future of Jackson State Forest.  It is especially important to let your state legislators know that you support restoration of Jackson State, not continued large-scale logging. Contact information is provided here for CDF, the Board of Forestry, the governor, legislators whose districts cover Mendocino County, and the Board of Supervisors of Mendocino County.