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Please sign up as a member of the Campaign and tell your friends. Every member we get increases the chances of saving your redwood forest from the chainsaws.

Jackson State Forest is 50,000 acres of publicly owned redwood forest located in Mendocino County, only three hours drive from San Francisco. Tragically, the state views Jackson State Forest primarily as a source of lumber and revenue. Each year, the California Department of Forestry (CDF), which manages this public forest, cuts out of it tens of thousands of redwood trees, over 28 million board feet of lumber.

The state ignores the fabulous recreation potential of this forest. Hiking, biking, horseback riding, and camping have been sacrificed whenever they have conflicted with timber production. The state has equally ignored the pressing need for wildlife sanctuary for species dependent on mature redwood forests and has refused to give salmon habitat the protection that science recommends.

Legal action initiated by the Campaign to Restore Jackson State Redwood Forest has halted new logging since 2001, forcing the preparation of a new management plan and two Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs). We are preparing to challenge the latest EIR.

We need to force the state government to understand that we want the public forest managed for the public benefit, not for the benefit of the timber industry. We will continue fighting until they get the message.

When enough people speak out, the government has to listen. 

Join us on this exciting and empowering quest to save our redwood forest!, and tell your friends to join, too.